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How To Install Win95 When CD Drive Not Recognized

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Hi all,

I've got a peculiar problem. I've got an older computer that used to have Windows 98 on it. I now need to put Windows 95 on this system instead. I've formatted the hard drive and I then installed my old Windows 3.11 on this computer. But Windows 3.11 did not recognize either of the two CD ROM drives, so I wasn't able to run the Windows 95 installation from the CD ROM drive. I then installed DOS 6.22 as the operating system instead, but I have no idea how to access the CD ROM drives from the DOS environment - the computer still is not recognizing the "G" drive as a CD ROM drive.

I could use some specific, step by step help on how to accomplish my goal of putting Windows 95 on this system, either from the DOS 6.22 prompt or from Windows 3.11.

Thanks much for the help.

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I think you will find it easier to go to and download one of the Win9x files to make a boot floppy. It already has various drivers for CD Rom drives and will boot with access the CD drive.
how to install Win95 when cd drive not recognized

Have you changed out the original cdrom?Sometimes the older drivers on some bootdisks won't recognize the newer cdrom.If thats the case,if you still have the original cdrom reinstall it,and the drivers will work.After your system is installed you can always look for new drivers for the new cdrom.
If you are lucky enough to have the current drivers on disk then you can install them and that will also get your system to recognize the cdrom.
I ran into the same problem,luckily I had some old cdrom's hanging around.
Hope this helped!
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