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how to install games

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My brother wants to know, how to install games. On
mandrake 7.0 And what is the (COMMAND) to run a CD in the
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what is the (COMMAND) to run a CD in the
from the command line:
cd /mnt
mount cdrom
(umount cdrom) = un-mount

My brother wants to know, how to install games
What type? (RPM, or tar.gz or a couple other formats)
It did not work, this is what I did. I clicked the CD-ROM icon,
clicked FILE. Went down to RUN then a COMMAND LINE came
up. Then I typed cd/mnt un-mount cdrom and it did not run
the CD. What did I do wrong
when your in the command line you must type

cd /mnt

*notice the space it must be there*

then type

mount cdrom

then to get into the cdrom once its mounted type

cd /cdrom

Also: When I say command line I mean "shell" not the little run line in the kde menu.
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If you have a game installation file on the CD please check for its compatibility with the operating systems and other hardware req.
If everything is ok with the system req. please go ahead and read installation notes.
Then check if the method req. any special lib. or any other program to be installed before actual installation of game.
if you are trying to run windows game in linux you must run it on Wine or similar product
Thread is dead (2002) Please don't revive old threads

Mandrake 7 is pretty old.
You will be using kde3. Any CD inserted will probably be already mounted when inserted.

The support for Mandrake 7 is probably over now, and the distribution changed to Mandriva.

You will be using all outdated packages, so I'd advise you to try something more current.
Most popular distributions can be found on Distrowatch: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

Mandrake already comes with some games, but support for windows games can be run using wine. The wineapp database shows what software works:

WineHQ - Wine Application Database

Once again, dont try on Mandrake 7, you need a modern distribution, Mandriva 2011,
Suse, Fedora, Mint take your pick.
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