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How to get uprevious updates of XP

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I instlled WinXP 1 year Back and i turned OFF the option of "autoupdate"
now i want to update all the previous undates of Win XP
How can i do that
and secondly tell me will it be useful to use UPDates.
I know the option "Download the updates automatically ......." but kindly tell me will it download only current update or all updates and if not ,,,what is process of downaloding all updates
When i scan my computer for
it gives me message that there r no updates required however i have not updated my XP for LAST year
even it does not have Service PAck 1
why it gives message
PLZ tell me How can we know that we have service pack 1 installed in XP or not

HELP HELP i m unable to install Jave Virtual MAchine because every time i try to download it , it gives me message to get windows update and when i try to get win update it displays there r no updates for Winxp plz help me
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If you just select Tools/Windows Update in IE, you'll be taken to the updates page and any update that applies to your machine will be offered to you. You can pick the ones you want to apply and fire it off. That's how I update, I don't let Microsoft slip updates in behind my back, it results in too many problems later.
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