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how to force users to log off and access remote desktop computers

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I was trying to access some computers in network via remote desktop. All those computers had been used by other staffs.
What I noticed that, for some computers I can access via remote desktop by forcing them to log off (people who were using the computers)

But for some computers, I got the message similar to "user is currently logged onto the computer, you are not allowed to connect"

I want to force them too and access these computers. How I can do it?

BTW: I'm talking about windows xp os here.
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What software are you using to access the desktops remotely?
I said just remote desktop feature of windows xp.
Finally, I got it from here How a Remote Desktop Connection Affects Windows XP Professional

But I wonder what the following paragraph says : I will appreciate if somebody can explain it to me.

If an administrator attempts to connect and is currently logged on to the console, the administrator can connect to that console session remotely immediately.
just means the admin reconnects to the open admin rdp session.

better question is why are multiple admins rdping to users pcs? this indicates a larger misconfiguration/misperception issue.
thank you. what they mean by currently logged onto the "console session"
I think all this means if that a user is logged into the computer, you can still access it remotely through their current login.
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