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Hi, folks!

I need to see every process (and optionally service) or whatnot that actually ran during startup and in what order, but I can't find a way to do this.

I am delighted with Chameleon Startup Manager Pro because it allows me to create and select which of several startup configurations I wish to use at startup, and even on demand anytime after startup. But now I've found an issue in that Chameleon and the normal windows utilities related to startup don't get along.

For example, if I launch the task manager and look at the Startup tab, I never see more than 3 items, and usually just 1: Chameleon Startup Manager. I've tried a variety of tools which purport to show this info, such as Nirsoft's WhatsInStartup and others, but it's the same list.

And if I use AutoRuns, it doesn't show which processes or services actually ran and in what order, just the ones that are enabled. You'd think that would tell me what I want to know, but it doesn't show sub-startups, such as commands in a batch file that launches any number of other processes or services. More to the point, when I look at "HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" -- again, all I see is the Chameleon Startup Manager.

Does anyone know a tool or setting that would provide the info I want? If it doesn't list services startup, that's fine too.

Thank you!

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It's very difficult to parse out the startup tasks from what is running as part of windows using Task Manager.

Quick, tell me which of the 85 background processes are startup tasks? :D

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