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How to convert .dat to .mp3?

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I need some software that will allow me to convert .dat files to .mp3 format. I'm not interested in spyware/freeware. I'm more looking for some decent sound editing/manipulation software (The sound version of photoshop)

Thanks in advance!
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Sound Forge 8 is the high-level industry standard, the audio equivalent of Photoshop, and can handle .dat files. £250 approx.

But for simple file conversion, there are lots of freeware programs that will do the job just as well.
OK cool. What simple freeware programs would you recommend?
Audio/Video To MP3 Maker

On the same page, scroll down to Easy MP3 Sound Recorder. This program allows you to record any sound from your PC, including audio streams, directly to MP3, so there's no need to convert.
Man, this took a long time to reply to this post but thanks for the tip! Easy MP3 recorder does the job okay but it only lasts for 60 seconds unless you buy the full version.

I want some freeware that allows you to record for as long as you like.
Audacity is a freeware audio editor, similar to Sound Forge.

Free Hi-Q Recorder
This free recording software will record any type of audio such as streaming Internet radio, music or DVD, video sounds from Windows Media Player, RealOne, satellite radio or any other media player, games, etc.

Record the sound from any Internet broadcast, audio or video, whether it's news, sports, music, talk radio or any other format. Record live sound with a microphone.

Convert, (record) any type of audio file or media such as records, tapes, music CDs, radio, ebooks, DAT, Mini-Disc, DVD or video tape sounds, T.V. sounds, video games, telephone or from any other external device.
Ok thanks. I'll give it a try!
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