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How to connect fan

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I have a custom made Asus Premium motherboard computer. If needed, I will provide specifics.

A few months ago I had my computer taken to a computer service store in order to replace my Hard Drive which was busted. I noticed that it made much less noise now, but I didn't think that it could be the effect of something bad. In the past week my computer started to shut off randomly sometimes and when I booted it up again it gave me a CPU temperature error press F1 to resume message. I opened up the computer, and after cleaning it out I noticed that one of the fans didn't work. The thing is, I don't want to go through all the hassle of taking it to the computer service store again, but I am really horrible in computer knowledge when it comes to hardware, as I'm more savvy with software type of errors. I would be very thankful if someone could give me step by step instructions to tell me how to connect it. I am assuming that it's not connected, however I cannot be completely sure so I am posting a few images I took of the inside of my PC as well as the fan. The fan that is not working the clear on the left.

The connector I show in the third picture, there is also an extension and then a green wire that splits into two and finds its way to the part of the computer where the power button is at.

Help would be very much appreciated :smile:
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The fan in the 3rd picture is an exhaust fan, the connector your holding is called a Molex connector.It is a male. If you look at the leads coming from the PSU(power supply unit) you will see others male and female. Find a female to connect your male to. This fan aids in removing hot air out the back.
The fan you should be MOST interested in is the black fan in the centre of the picture. Thats the CPU FAN. That is the fan that cools (dissipates) the cpu, if it is not working it will cause the probs you are getting.
Thanks guys, I'm going to take a look at it.

The CPU fan, however, is working fine.

Another note is that as you said, the Male connector that I am holding is connected to an extender of some sort, from which the split green wire is coming out. On the other side of that extender is what seems to be the Female connector, since by looking at it I am sure that it can connect with the Male connector. I can't connect them thought, since the 'extender' is rigid and doesn't bend.
hi there should be a connector coming from the psu could you also try using speedfan to check the fan and temp on your cpu as eddie says this is usually where that type of issue stems from you can get it here
I downloaded Speed Fan, and just going on the website without any game running or anything I have

System 41C
CPU 46 C
HD0 43C
Core 71C
Ambient 0 C
I turned on the fan and now I have

System 36C
CPU 45 C
Core 69C
Abiemtn 0C
You haven't told the forum what cpu you are using, i.e. AMD or Intel. If its an AMD then those temps would be OK. Some Asus MBs run quite hot.
Again, looking at the pics, you have a mess of wires which would be restricting the air flow around the case. I would respectfully suggest you try and tidy them up.
I had an Asus that ran hot so I fitted a side fan and that dropped all the temps quite a bit.
hi eddie is correct a couple of cable tidys will help and a little blow of compressed air to clear out any dust is also a good precaution
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