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I posted this in a thread, but i think it deserves its own, maybe even sticky it, because i just saw another post on hd space.

How to clear space on you Computer

First Run
Start> All Programs> Acessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup.
Clear all the temporary files, dont compress old files.

Go to Add Remove Programs. Clear everything you dont want, and write down the name of it. Then go to My Computer> (C:)> Program Files, find the folders with the leftover stuff that the uninstall didnt get. Delete those. Then empty the Recycling Bin.

If you download music or files, sort through the stuff you dont want. If u have alot of music, Get ITunes, orginize your music if you would like, then convert all of the files to Mp3 Stereo 112kb/s. With most computers (especially ac97) anything higher then 112kb you wont notice a difference. If you have 20gb of music this could cut it down to about 10gb.
You can do the same thing with Videos if you do video editing, change it all to .WMV (with a video editing tool).

Go to My Documents, delete anything that you do not want. Anything that you do not use on a regular basis; but want to keep. Put into a .RAR or .ACE.

Huge Zip Files can be re-compressed with .Rar and .Ace, you can save some space there aswell.

When Your Done With the First 5 steps, Repeat step 1,
If you still need more space, on an NTFS drive(NTFS ONLY!), Windows Compression can work. Check Compress Old Files on the repeat of step one.

Compression can also work with,
Programs that dont need aton of power (something like starcraft) you can compress aswell. Right Click on the Folder> Properties> Advanced, check Compress to Save Disk Space and wait untill it finishes. The % of space saved is about the same as the speed you lose loading it.

Finally, To top it off
Close Everything exept windows
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