Over the years of being online and general surfing you have probably amassed a pretty extensive bookmark collection separated into categories such as, Entertainment, Bored, Forums etc, which if lost can be pretty annoying to say the least. So in this tutorial we will look at how to go about backing up your bookmarks in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

First up is Chrome (v 12.0)

At the top right hand corner of the browser window, click on the Spanner icon and select Bookmark Manager which will open the Bookmarks Manager window. In here at the top, click on the drop down arrow next to Organise and select Export Bookmarks as shown below:

This will then open the next window in which you will tell Chrome where to place the .html file. Re-name the file if you wish (keep the .html extension) and browse to where you want to keep the file and click Save. As you can see below I saved it to a folder on my desktop.

That’s it.

Now let’s do the same in Firefox (v 5.1)

At the top of the browser window choose Bookmarks>Show all bookmarks. This will then open the Library window. At the top click on ImportandBackup and then select Backup.

Once you select Backup, a new window will open in which you tell Firefox where to place the .json file (your bookmarks). You can re-name the file if you wish, or just keep the default name it gives (the day's date) and click Save. Again, I chose the folder I had already saved on my desktop as the place to keep them.

That’s it.

Lastly, let’s look at how to do the same in IE (v 8.0)

At the top of the browser window, select Tools>Import and Export which will open the first window:

Choose Export to a file and click Next

Select Favourites and click Next

Double click on Favourites (top) to include the sub-folders and click Next

Give the .htm file a name and tell it the location you wish to save it to and then click Save.

The correct file path should now be specified above, so clickExport.

Note the number of steps in IE compared with Chrome or Firefox that you have to go through to complete this task. Just another reason that I don’t use IE.

Personally I keep my backed up bookmarks synced with my Dropbox account (it’s free) plus I will email a copy to myself as extra insurance. Please note, that when it comes to re-importing your bookmarks, the process is the same in all three browsers except in reverse.

Please note that there are many add-ons and programs for the various browsers out there to carry out this task, but the article is based on what you are able to do by default in the above browsers without extra add-ons and/or programs. The article would become long winded if I added all of the ways in which to get this done, and may put people off.

Hopefully, that has helped you out. Any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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