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:wave:Hi guys....

Can you help me with this problem???

I have this problem with my phone.
Everytime I receive a text message, there is always a counterpart of that message (or what do you call it), or can I say 2 pending or unsent multimedia messages saved at my outbox folder..
I just wondered why it happened b'coz i didn't send any multimedia msgs to the sender of the txt message i just received...
What annoys me is the warning msg appearing in my screen.
"Message sending failed!" is the warning msg.
But when I check the details, it is all about packet data...
"Packet data: Packet data not available. Check network services."
I also think that this might be the reason why I can't access my phone's internet..
Pls help....:cry::confused::cry:
I really don't know how to fix this.....:Thinkingo

Thanks in advance, guyzzzz!!!:smile::smooch:
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