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how to access via remote desktop of other networks same modem

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We have two networks.
Two Networks
Modem >> switch router1 >> switch >> computer
same Modem >> same switch >> router2 >> switch >> computer

Now I want to access computers from router 1 to router 2 computers

I opened the router 2 web page and forwarded it. I put service port no. 3389, ip address of a computer of router 2 network. Now I can access the specific computer via remote desktop from router 1 computers using public ip .

But what I need is I want to access via mstsc all computers of the router 2 network. using service port, ip address of one computer, I can access only one computer.
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You need to create port forwarding records for each remote computer. For example, port 33891 for the first computer, 33892 for second one, and so on.
You can download the free configuration tool ListenPort: It allows to change the default RDP listening port and add corresponding firewall exceptions on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
Remote Desktop Assistant allows to create and manage a list of remote computers. It utilizes mstsc.exe and keeps configuration .rdp files for each remote desktop.

Please consult your IT Dept especially your Network Admin.

We have already discuss this and I thought it's clear. You are not part of your IT Dept and you can't me tinkering the settings of your company Network.

Please re-read again our Forum Rules:
We will not assist any user who, in our opinion, is clearly trying to circumvent his company network protocols or restrictions put on his system by a Network Administrator. Again we have no ability to assess the user's intent.
Sorry, but I have no choice and Close this Thread.
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