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How to access info in old C:/ that I threw into an external HD enclosure?

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Hi all,

So I am having a bit of a dilemma... I was moving out, and didn't want to take my old 2000 hulking elephant of a desktop computer with me (i.e couldn't afford movers, had no room in my car). In a move totally befitting my tech-inept self, I figured, hey, why don't I just get a screwdriver, and just take out the C:/, with all the good stuff in it, for easy transportation.

I bought a cheap HD enclosure, but my new laptop wouldn't recognize the installation CD that came in the package (upon closer inspection, I discovered that the CD is meant for computers using Windows98 or lower). The OS on my old desktop was Windows98 (and hence, the drive in the HD enclosure), but I now (finally!) had XP on my new laptop.

I don't have a computer with Windows98, and I don't know anyone who does! Won't someone please help me and tell me if/how I can access all of the obscure music files and other irreplaceables stored in an old Windows98 C:/ in an old Windows98 HD enclosure with my XP laptop???

Or if it's even possible to access the stuff with a Windows 98 computer??

I would appreciate it so much...

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Welcome to TSF. :wave:

Look in Disk management (Right click "My computer" > choose "Manage" > Disk Management).
Can you see the external drive there?
If so, please post a screenshot.

How to post a screenshot.
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