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How important are optional updates?

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I see updates like Root Certificates Update, Microsoft Silverlight 1.0, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0: x86, Driver Update for Intel Graphics Controller and all those other stuffs..I have like 15 updates on the waiting list..Are they important?. I read an article about how some people had computer problems after installing some of these..
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Some people have problems after doing anything . . . you only need install the Optional updates you need. I like to install the Root Cert updates, but only any of the others that are needing a update,

You are not likely to have problems with any of them, you just may not need them
Hello wii_zil :smile:

None of them are necessary. Some people may need them, but if you ever do need one you will be prompted to download it.

It is best to never take a driver update from Windows Updates. If you need one of them, visit the manufacturer`s website and look for the most recent one

Sorry Rich. Didn`t type fast enough :smile:
as with any updates - even the criticals ones, theres always a possibility of problems.

Personally I do not install all the optional updates - it depends upon what I need at the time. Some of them like the framework one, you may never need or you may eventually need it when you trying to install something from ms later.

Look at what they are and see if you think you need them at that time, if you need it, get it.

As previously mentioned, forget getting drivers form them, only use those from the computer manufacturers website.

If you have problems, thats what restore points are for
it's interesting how you mention the framework. I have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1. i might uninstall this. i'll be getting the latest driver updates asap from the manufacturer's websites
The .NET framework is required for a number of applications and won't do any harm if you leave it installed. I would stick with 2.0 and upgrade to 3.0 only when required by a particular program.
thanks koala, you came in the nick of time. i won't uninstall it then. i didn't know it was that important!
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