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How i now the IC is responsible for I/O in motherboard

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I have motherboard for PC computer Desktop not work and have proplem
I need to know IC is responsible for I/O AND How to know it have problem or not
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What make and model is the motherboard? Are you building a new PC? What problems are you having with the board? Are you getting i/o error messages on screen, if so, which one(s)? What operating system are you running (XP SP2???)?
Thank you for reply
my problem in MSI MOTHERBOARD
and operating system i have windows 7
and this is not new computer
i already have before two years
and no message show on screen only black
and i test screen and cable data outside(with another computer) already working good
and my problem is when computer work nothing is show on screen
although computer is working
but no display screen
1- i clean motherboard
2- remove ram and put again nothing solve
3- i changed power supply nothing happen
4- i remove cable of screen data and changed with another
and i buy new screen also same problem
CPU work but black screen display
How to solve this problem
How to solve problem
Remove RAM and turn it on. Does it make beeping sounds?
Motherboard not give me sound when i remove RAM
In that case it's dead and should be replaced.
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