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How Do You Stop Storage HD's From Spinning ?

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I do what alot of us do leave my pc on overnight or when i go to work to download stuff. I have 3 hd's , when i come home all off the are extremely hot but only my c:\ drive should be since the other two are not doing anything.

I have tried disabling them in device manager, but they're still blistering hot. I use ZoneAlarm but disabled it from scanning for viruses on the 2 storage HD's

Anyone got any ideas ???

thanx, Mike
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Are these external drives or internal drives?
All 3 internal drives,

80 gig C: (main) (dl's)

Storage Drives:

80 gig D:
180 gig E:
Normally you would set time for them to turn off in the power option properties in the control panel.
And you could also consider getting a hard drive fan like this one.
Ok i tried "setting a time for them to turn off in Power Options" but it didn't work, came home they were still all hot. My power options are
(turn off hard disks,system standby, system hibernates) I turned them all on after 2hrs but my c drive was always on becasue of dl's. So i guess it didn't turn the other drives off, there is only a [turn off hard disk"s"] option, no individual HD's preferences.

Anyone know anything else i can do, or power option progs that are able to set individual HD preferences ???

thanx, mike
It would seem it is not possible [could be wrong?]....unless you fit a timer switch in the power line to the individual hd you want to turn off. But then can you be sure it wouldn't affect the rest of the computer's performance?? Or even an on-off switch in it's power line which you could turn off before you leave.

I'm expecting someone to say this is a stupid idea for some obvious reason that I've overlooked.. :4-dontkno
In power options it shut down ALL hard drives or leave them all running. I have found no setting in Windows that will let you just shutdown unused drives.

You might wish to look into the drive cooler option above or take one of the drives and put it in an external drive case that can be powered down.
You cannot just have it shut down specific drive. If one program is running (your download) then all the drives will spin. It will only shut down the drives when all of them are idle (no activity). I think the only way you can have specific drive shut down would be if you had a program to do so.
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