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How do u Format Hardrive with Xp

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Can somebody give me a detailed explanation on how to format the harddrive and reinstall install Windows XP? Also i bought my cpu from ebay and i have the XP home edition that come with it and it says for distribution only with new pc. Is that going to be a problem?
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Hi Turks-Rude,

Get a Win98 Boot disk and boot from it. From the command line type in fdisk. It will give you a simple menu where you could just follow it and format your hard drive.

Once you formatted your hard drive boot the PC with the WinXP CD. (Make sure you have boot from CD Rom before Hard drive enabled in the BIOS) Then follow the install setup.

And your question about having a problem with the WinXp CD, you shouldn't have a problem unless someone has the same CD Key as that one.
You don't even need a boot disk, the XP CD is bootable, and it will allow you to partition and format before starting the installation. It's pretty painless...
this article may be helpfull
While running your current version of XP , insert the XP CD in the drive. When the
setup menu appears, select "New Installation" (clean install) from the pull-down menu.
Also, select
"Advanced" and place checkmarks in the two boxes.
2. Next, your computer will start copying files and then reboot. At this point, select
the same drive/partition that Windows XP is currently installed on. Select the
option to "format" this partition using either FAT32 or NTFS.
3. After the drive/partition is formatted, XP will begin the setup process and install
4. After registering and activating XP, be sure to run a "Defrag".
For details:
Note: It is important to visit the web site of the manufacturer of your computer to
obtain any special XP drivers.
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