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Okee i am trying to move data from my Desktop PC to my Laptop PC... yet ive had no luck thus far with trying to netowrk.. so im in need of help.. before i start info that might help u help me :)

Desktop PC
Pentium 4, 2.8ghz
Windows XP home
uses the net via a wireless network connection
(internet is done via a modem then router) Both Belkin products (note i cant edit the router nor modem at all)

not sure of sys specs.. fairly new compaq presario series
Windows XP Home also

while typing out the info could u please use Desktop and Laptop so i know where to go

What im looking to do is access files on the PC from the laptop so i can move them onto my laptop and format my desktop pc (then when formatted redo the connection with a nice new pc)

If some one could do a step by step guide for me thatd me great


I also have msn if we can talk through there itd be great
[email protected]

Thanks for the help in advance
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