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How do I update java for Opera 9.5 ?

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My Opera 9.5 browser says it is running-

Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.6

How do I update to the current java so Opera will use current version ?

I update (install it) and it will update for Firefox and I.E., but Opera still says
Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.6.

Firefox and I.E. says-
You have the recommended Java installed (Version 6 Update 24).

But when I load-
Verify Java Version
on Opera browser it still says I have Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.6.
How can I change it to Version 6 Update 24 ? Thanks.
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This is probably due to the Opera version you are using, I have the latest version of Java and the verification works fine for me.

You can try and update your java using the following method:

Java(TM) can be updated from the Java control panel Start > Control Panel (Classic View) > Java (looks like a coffee cup) > Update Tab > Update Now. An update should begin; follow the prompts. Let me know if it does not.

Make sure you untick the box next to whatever free program they prompt you to install, unless you want it.

Your Java is likely already up to date if Firefox and IE say so.

I strongly suggest you update to the latest version of Opera (Version 11.01). Browser updates often contain security enhancements and patches for exploits, as well as performance increases and new features.

You can download the latest version from here:
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That should just be a difference in how the browsers report the version of Java installed. If you notice in the release notes, the full version string is similar to the 1.6 you are getting.

Release notes: 6u24releasenotes
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