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Basically what I'm trying to do and have been trying to do for the last week is use my dazzle capture card to pull what I'm seeing off the PS3 and put it onto my monitor.
Here's the kicker, I don't have an output on my Monitor...
I run a hdmi to dvi cable from my ps3 to my LG monitor and that is what I play on now.
I've searched like crazy and there is no option for a dual output on the ps3, it dosen't exist.
I've looked into hdmi splitters, to run one to the monitor and the other to a tv that actually has an s video or rca output. I don't own another tv that accepts hdmi or dvi that has such an output.
I've been told to buy a camcorder and run hdmi to dvi to the camcorder use the camcorder output to the monitor. Although that sounded good in theory, I'm trying not to go out and spend another $1,000.
I don't think there is a way to use my pc video card as a middle man, it has a dvi imput and output but how could I get that to work?
I am on a mission, a quest for greatness.. Can you halp me?
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