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How do I remove my spyware?

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lol. i was just about to post about the first 2 "viruses" panda reports in my scan. i think those are NOT viruses....they came in the "hosts" file i downloaded which is supposed to prevent those from getting on my cpu i thought. i dunno but if a professional could confirm that...i would be very happy.
as far as the MSAS virus panda reports...just delete whats in your quarantine manager and its gone. its under tools, spyware scan in MSAS. some pros on this board dislike MSAS, especially if its your only spy scanner, but its great for the other things it does. i leave it active and it does claim to prevent cws from installing here recently but i dont think its a great thing for actual spyware removal during scans. that crap would just come back from my experience 5 mo. ago.
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i dont want to put my stuff in his post but i deleted what trendmicro reported
yet panda still reports the 2 dialers.
TM reported 'Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Ranges\Range1'
and a p2p prog. i uninstalled
ive ran like my 6 spyware progs i got from here and they didnt work. should i just delete what panda reports in my registry? the thing was that the place mentioned seemed to be where a lot of the hosts file entries are at though.
jdzworld -

No :hijacked: please.....always start your own thread for your own issues. Quickly stated, it would depend on what the dword value is of those registry entries. If the dword value is 0x00000004 (4), then it blocked by a hosts file entry.

In addition, this is why some of us no longer trust MSAS (not to mention all the FPs it had when it first came out):

MicroSoft AntiSpyware Program:

Because of recent changes in the way this program now defines and detects spyware/adware it is no longer recommend as a spyware removal tool. Microsoft as downgraded several adware/spyware programs that it used to detect and remove and now lists them simply as “Ignore”

These are some of the adware/spyware programs that this program will NOT prompt you to remove. Claria, 180Solutions, WhenU,, most WhenU apps, eZula,TopText, Gain/Gator, and Webhancer. These are all known adware/spyware programs and hijackers. Basically this product can no longer be trusted!! I recommend you remove it

Here are some other tools which will do the job quite well:

AdawareSE (free)
Spybot Search and Destroy (Teatimer Enabled) (free)
IESpy-Ad (free)
SpywareBlaster (free)
WinPatrol (free)
CounterSpy (free trial)
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