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how do I install after removing

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I have the game Morrowind . First thing I did wrong is i cut and paisted the game from my C drive to D . When I went to install NOCD on the game it said missing some USC file so i figured the game isn't all there and ill just uninstall it . When I did that it said missing uninstall file . Second thing i did wrong was tried to uninstall with Explorer not knowing that once I uninstalled it it cant be reinstalled ,so I unsuccesfully installed it and uninstalled it twice . I was wondering if I could use Norton cleansweep to remove it and install it or what options I had ? I was also wondering if reformating was hard work and also if my Morrowind patch or NOCD program could be tainted from what I did and how to remove them if thay where ? thank you for your time
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Im not familiar with Norton cleansweap so i cant really help....but If you dont have anything on the D drive that you need then go ahead and format it, it'll only take but a minute.

Then install the game fresh onto your D: drive

As for the NOCD patch, it wouldn't be tainted, It a completley seperate program and you could use it as many times as you need to.

I heard Marrowind was good but havent had the chance to try it.
go to the registry editor and delete all the entries that are related to the game and then delete all the folders of that game. then try installing it. you will get through successfully.

Do not delete any other entry from the regestry table it may harm ur windows. Bettter take a backup of ur registry and save it for later use. Use the find command in the registry editor and file all the entries for the game.

I am sure u will gain success.


Thanks for the info I really appreciate it . I am new to this , I read I have to get the regestry number for Morrowind from Bethesda (the company)(?) I don't know how to get into the regesty or how I would back up the regestry . I would use a floppy or just computer space ?, I dont have a zip drive but I would get one. I will update my boot disk on norton before I do it.
Chrisht run the registry editry by the follwing procedure

go to start button then click on run

in the text box type regedit

then go to file menu and click on export registry

it will ask for a path where to save u may not be able to save it on a floppy so better use the hard disk space itself but do remmeber the path.

To find the values

go to edit menu and click on find or press f3 directly a search window will popup
just type in the name of the game and or directory and or both one by one and find correspondingly.

when u get the folder entry in the registry editor just delete that folder in the regestry or the string in front of that name.

do all this stuff after doing the export registry

then delete the folders created during installation from windows explorer manually and restart the machine to see that there is no impact on the windows due to the edition of the registry. if windows runs properly then do try installing the game as if u r installing it for the first time on ur machine. It should go fine.

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Thank you

Thanks for all your help . Ill try it out tonight after I update my boot disks :panda:
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