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How do I identify which RAID disk is faulty?

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I have a 2 disc Raid 1 mirror setup which was OK for awhile but now has problems in that my PC does not automatically boot to Windows, on start-up..

On start-up I am offered two options, either:
Windows 7 (when selected it just continually boot-loops, trying to repair without success).
Windows 7 Secondary Plex – (when selected, Windows starts OK).

When I remove either of the drives, Windows will not start. Am assuming because they are mirrored.

I do not know which (if either) is faulty or even which drive is which so I can "unmirror" the healthy one and remove the suspect drive for replacement.

Windows management shows both drives

Disk 0 has a "Healthy" System partition but a "Failed Redundancy" C partition.
Disk 1 has no System partition at all but a "Failed Redundancy" C partition.

I have taken a screen snip:

To further confusticate me, I took a peek at the Event Viewer which shows the “ID 11” fault as being with HardDisk2.

Yet Windows Disk Management shows my drives as being Disk 0 and Disk 1 (not Disk 2).

I'm guesstimating it refers to Disk 1 (in Disk Management) but cannot be sure (which also shatters my assumption that it was the first drive which had a fault through associating "Windows 7" as Disk 0 and "Windows 7 Secondary Plex" as Disk 1, at Start-Up.

Proper confused, so any advice sincerely appreciated!! Please help. :smile:
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Did what you suggested and as you said, was able to trace through examining motherboard SATA connections.

Very much appreciated. :)
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