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How do I get rid of Windows Media Player?

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I have a vista laptop with the latest WMP, which also seems to be the crappiest.

It's buggy, it doesn't like to close when I tell it to, it disappears but keeps playing, it also constantly asks me if I want to hide whenever I try to close. And when I accidentally clicked "hide" once, I could not turn it off, even with the task manager, I had to restart. (it does this when I do click close as well)​

So I want to downgrade to an earlier version, but it doesn't list WMP as a removable program.:upset:

Can someone please help me.
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Check the Show updates box in Add or Remove Programs. Scroll down and WMP should show up.
Thanks for helping me sparrow, but I still can't find it..

These are the only programs that show up when I go to:

Control Panel>
Programs and Features>
Tasks View Installed Updates

I'm finding it offensive that MS won't let me choose what I have installed on my own machine.
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Major oversight on my part, Sorry :D

I don't think it can be removed in Vista, cause it's part of the OS itself.

To 'fix' the problem, you could install another media player and make it default so WMP doesn't get used.

To completely shut down WMP, have a look in the processes tab to find its process and end it.
That doesn't even work half the time.

Damn, I was hoping on installing an earlier version but I guess I'm stuck with this.

Thanks anyhow. I really hate Microsoft.
I found it surprising too. Personally, I use VLC and it's set to the default player for pretty much any multimedia file it reads and WMP doesn't open at all.
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