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how do i connect 2 ps2's 2gether 2 play 8 player

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how do i connect 2 ps2's 2gether an 2 tv's 2 play 8 player???
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You will need.

2 x PS2 consoles (obviously)
1 x crossover cable
2 x tv's (as you ask for)
2 copies of the game you want to play (which support LAN play)

Simply connect the ps2's to the power/tv's and use the crossover cables to connect them to each other. Load the games into both the consoles, head into a LAN section and start a new game.

This set-up works most of the time.
any way else u cod do it?cheers by da way i mite do tht way.
None that I can think of at the moment. Did you have a specific method or requirement in mind?
i went 2 a shop and thy said u cnt do it with a cross ova cable it ws only 4 computers
ther da older versions so wre do u put da cross cable
na ther nt da slim 1's ther da big fat brick 1's


No, they're not the slim-lines. They're the original design.
Do they have a network port on them? (I know mine doesn't)

If not, then you'll need a network adaptor for them.
no thy dnt wre do i gt a network adapter?
ok thnks 4 the help ths all i wnt cya
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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