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How could i upgrade this rig?

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Hello guys,

My PC has some problems. It's under intense usage.
The rig:
Motherboard:Abit AN78GS
Processor: AMD Phenom 8650 Triple Core , 2.30 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
RAM: 2 GB, 800 MHz
OS: Windows XP SP 3

Sometimes it just freezes during gaming or when i use the internet. If i wait for too long a BSOD comes up telling me something about KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR, and then it starts to "Dumping Physical Memory" something, sorry i can't remember what it says exactly. If i restart the machine it tells me either to insert the system CD, and there is a boot error, or that "disk read error occured press ctrl+alt+del". Then if i turn it off and unplug it from the mains and wait like 5 minutes OR take the CMOS battery out it goes back to normal until it repeats.

Also could the freezing be because the CPU is overheating?
This might be a dumb question but if i have an AMD processor right now, can I buy an Intel and make it work with the above specs?
How else could i upgrade the rig to be faster?
Thank you so much in advance for the answers!
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No Intel and AMD use different sockets.

What brand hard drive do you have?
The drive manufacturer will have a diagnostic utility program to test the drive, Seatool for Dos from Seagate will test most drives if you can't find the manufacturer's name.
D/L Seatools for Dos, use a free program like Imgburn to burn it to a CD and boot from the CD to test the drive.

Use Memtest+ to test the ram same deal D/L burn to a CD as before and boot from it, run at least 6 passes on 1 stick at a time.
Should i do that myself? I'm not really a 'techie' guy. Could this mess up Windows or anything on the Hard drive? Thanks for the link though!
Can this Seagate Tool repair my hard drive? Or would i have to send it in for repair?
Sea Tools is a diagnostic software and can not do physical repairs.
If the Hdd is damaged you would have to send it to Seagate for a warranty replacement. If the warranty period has expired you would have to purchase a replacement drive.
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