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How can I stop windows installer at start-up and install Windows Outlook on my comput

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When I first bought my Gateway compurter in Jan. I tried to install Outlook on my laptop. It did not install. Instead, on startup every time, the computer automatically pops up Windows Installer and I have to cancel it. This is a nusiance. I still would like to have Outlook installed but I don't know how to do so.
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Hey, see if windows installer is in your startup entries:

- Open the start menu
- Type "msconfig.exe" in the search bar
- Press enter to open msconfig
- Goto the startup tab
- Look through these entries for "windows installer" or the path to windows installer
- If you find it:
> uncheck the box next to it
> click ok and restart to check
- If not:
> Post back and i'll do some reading into it

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