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How Can I find My System Restore Tab?

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If I violate any rules, my apologies.

I'm desperate! When I tried to do System Restore, I got a message saying System Restore has been turned off by Group policy. Contact Admin for help. I did not turn this off. My PC might have been infected with svchost.exe and it turned my PC into a host.

Please help me.
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Is this computer part of any network? If so, check with your admin person. If not, to turn on/off system restore, go to the System Properties window (while holding down the button with the Windows logo in the lower left portion of your keyboard, hit the Pause/Break key in the upper right). There is a tab at the top for System Restore. Click on that and you'll be able to turn on/off system restore. Have you run virus/spyware scans? You need to make sure you're clean first. If system restore has been turned off, the best you'll be able to do is turn it on, as you won't have any restore points to restore to.
Oh, thanks for your reply.

I did that but I did not see the System Restore Tab. I also saw that somehow I allowed Remote Assistance. Could this be a result of a trojan horse virus called svchost.exe?
First of all let me get u clear what is svchost.exe

When u say "I did not see the System Restore Tab" where are u actually looking at??
Is it under Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore?
Time out....user is infected with a bot at scvhost.exe Quite a bit different.

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