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Hosting Question

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K, Here's the deal.... I signed up with a company for my domain name and a hosting package. I thought they were pretty reliable because a couple of my friends use them. Wellllllll, I sent my payment n via snail mail / check and it has been over a month now. I have sent numerous emails, called the 800 # , it has been has the reg. phone line now. * They haven't sent checks though bank either*
So I am in search for a good reliable place to buy my domain name and a good affordable hosting package.... any suggestions?
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use them to host my ambulance website ( ...simple no fills and cheap...there tech support is through email and took a week to get the site up there....but since then I have no complaints
Thanks Doonzy!!:D :D There was one site that had reviews but I can't think of it. :(
Isn't that the one you have? I get so confused... how can I tell exactly what I need.. I don't need alot really.. but I want something good for the money... what should I really look for?
That is a web hosting talk forum. What are you looking for? Straight HTML site? PHP/MySQL?

I just switched to there cheapest plan is $7.95

14.95 setup ...I belive they waved it cause we signed on for two years and $4.95 a month ...want it yourself:D
Register4Less and are both excellent!
I've used them often:
Also, visit
If you need more help with this, contact me at:
[email protected]
I found RCT Host to be quite nice. The control panel is awesome for n00bs like me who dont know what to do with certain files. Check out the demo of the CP. Its quite functional.
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