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honda harness lead

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can anyone help me with the honda harness lead!! I need to know the exact pin configuration of the lead coz I need to connect an mp3 player instead of the radio itself.

the full name of the lead is: PC2-09-4 - Honda 09/85-01/99> ISO lead
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the problem with this, is that the car's originally stereo pushed at least 20 watts to the speakers, and the mp3 player's output isn't even 1/2 watt.

so, even if you figure out the wire pattern, you won't hear the mp3 player.

to answer your original question, the radio's wiring diagram is in the 20$ book for your car. (it's one of the few things that is actually in the haynes book)

try shucks/checker/knechts for a book, they have them.
bruiser said:
See if there is any info here:
thnx alot bruiser, the site you provided me with was just what I was looking for. It had the asnwer to my question. :sayyes:
walt side, thanx for the tip, so what do you suggest?? I think I need to install an Amplifier right!!
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