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Hitachi Sata HD problem

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I have a [an] Hitachi Sata hard drive operating on an Asus K8VSE deluxe motherboard.After 2 power failures, I got the XP logo with the blue dots scrolling but it does not load.I want to set a Western Digital 40 GB HD with XP professional OS from my old computer as the primary HD to see if I can retrieve some data. I installed the HD which works OK in the old pentium III computer on the primary IDE connection set it as the !st boot device.I put the jumper on Master. If I put the Hitachi on Sata 2 connection it gives the message "NO DR".If I put it on Sata 1 it just sticks.How do I get the WD 40 GB to boot?
I'm probably going to have to replace the Hitachi Sata.When I install XP I use a boot disc I burnt from the CD support. It works, but its quite a bit more involved than my old WD.The Hitachi is 160 GB about 4 years old now.My other question is if its worth getting a Sata HD.
I removed and cleaned the Hitachi HD with compressed air and switch cleaning fluid on the contacts but it didn't help.
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Duh! In windows XP, or later, you CANNOT boot up any PC with a hard drive from another PC. Windows absolutely WON'T allow it.
It gets into a licensing violation.

Make that IDE a slave, on an IDE channel and access it from within windows from your existing HD.

Good Luck,
Shadow :cool:
Many thanks for your suggestion.The problem was the Sata drive was sticking on load, the blue dots just kept on scrolling, so I found this link for a list of HD utility diagnostic tools.Downloaded the file for Hitachi, burnt to floppy and ran it. 2 options given:
1.To completely format drive
2.To try and repair damaged segments.
I opted for the 2nd.When I saw it was working,slowly, I decided to kip fer a while.5hours later it had finished and asked if I would like to do an "advanced" repair.So I said ye and orf it went.
When it had finished I restarted the system and much to my surprise it works!I was sure I was gonna have to replace the HD.Perhaps I'll fit a 2nd.This one is connected to the Sata IV socket.It does not work on Sata Primary.Where do I fit a 2nd Sata HD?
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