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HiJackThis Log after IE7 problem

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Hi all,
I started getting pop-up ads when I'm even visiting, and so on, the sites that wouldn't give you pop-ups about free PS3s.
I scanned w/ McAfee and Norton Spyware Scan from Yahoo Toolbar and AVG Anti-spyware and Spybot S & D and CW Shredder. They found stuff and removed them but the problem's still there.
I did a HJT Scan, printed out on to 7 pictures, and archived them. It's a .zip file with spyware-problem as a password.
P.S. This is my first post in the forum! HI everybody!
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Hello, and welcome to the HijackThis Help Forum.

Apologies for any delay in replying, but we have been rather busy lately.

Please follow MicroBell's Five Step Procedure and then post your HijackThis log for me to review.

Thank you.
Hey I did read the thing, I ran the scanners and free anti-spyware and stuff, I said IT!! I said I ran the scanners and they found stuff but didn't fix the problem. I followed the whole thing! Well I don't need the help now since I got Spyware Doc and everything's fine.
Okay, good luck. We're here if you need us. :grin:
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