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Highly annoying network connections pop up

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I am working with Win XP home and IE7, online access is via DSL service provided by AT&T.

On random occasions, when I am browsing, I get a "Network Connections" pop up that reads: "You (or a program) have requested information from Which connection do you want to use?"

Then it provides two options for alternate dial up connection that I have available as a backup to the DSL service that I normally use.

The pop up provides a selectable option of "Don't ask me again until the next time I log on."

"Settings", "Connect" or "Cancel."

This has been going on for some time, including the time that I was using IE6. I have always selected "Cancel" and this typically allows access to the site. Occasionally, the pop up returns a second time. Especially when I am using Windows Media Player.

HELP ::4-cheers:
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Pick the DSL service connection, see if it stops happening.
Thanks for the reply.
I would select the DSL option, but it is only giving me the two dial up options.
sounds like you have a firewall or some sort of internet security suite installed. I believe taht AT&T DSL comes w/ a software firewall/internet securtiy software. you may need to check the settings on that.
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