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Im running Windows XP pro SP2. I had used norton 2006 for a while but it stopped updating long ago due to subscription registration...i thought it would still do the trick for protection...i was wrong.

So i few days back i find i cant open the C: by right clicking and hitting open or explore, or double clicking the icon itself, it would just bring up a "choose programs list". I researched this some and found it was probably due to some kind of "autorun.inf" related malware. I also found that i couldnt set folder options to show hidden files, if i did, the option would just reset back to keeping them hidden.

The guide i read suggested running up to date antivirus/antispyware software. I ran the stop sign virus scan, and found i had all sorta of nasties in my computer...only to find out to do anything with stop sign other than scan, you had to pay. I also ran WIndows Live Onecare under their 90 day free trial which allowed me to remove infections. But the problems with the C: and hidden files remained. So i did further research on this issue and found 2 guides that helped me out alot.

The first one was somewhat poorly witten in regards to english syntax. It had me locate and remove the autorun.inf file in the C: and also had me do some checking in regedit and msconfig, ultimatley I just neded up deleted a autorun.inf and turning off autorun to all my drives inclduing C: This solved my problem with not being able to open C:

At the end of this article, the autother suggested using the tool at this link

I used the tool and it didnt seem to do anything, it asked me if i had a flash drive to put it in before running the program...I ran it two times, the first time i ran it i didnt put a flash drive in...I later ran it a second time with a falsh drive which ill describe later.

SO there was still the problem with not being able to view hidden files. The 2nd article i found was a huge help, it basically had me go into regedit and do a few simple things. Afterwards i was able to view hidden files and folders.

Now heres the PROBLEM. Now that i can view them, i noticed a hidden folder in C: called "autorun.inf" inside this folder is a hidden file called "lpt3.This folder was created by Flash_Disinfector" I figured it would be best to delete this folder and the file inside...but it wont let me.
Ive tried every way to delete that i know how and i get a message saying "Erorr Deleting File or Folder" as the title and the message below says "Cannot delete lpt3. This folder was created by Flash_Disinfector: Cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and file name". This same message applies when i try to delete the file inside the directory. I cant move or cut either the folder or file anywhere as well.

I also tried running that program again fromt he link above but with a flash drive put in. It ran like it did excet the hiddel folder and file wa still in C: and now its on my flash drive as a hidden folder.(

Other than this, I havent noticed anythign odd. The onyl thing noticable now is that somwhere along the lines recently, my computer uses the screen saver (never did before) and when you go back to use it, you have to select the user (there only one on my computer) from the user select screen you get at startup.

I was very long winded and descriptive here because I saw that so many other people were having very similar problems...maybe this will be helpful to others.
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