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hibernate problem i think??

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My computer just started to hibernate or "sleep" the monitor led goes amber and the led by the power button goes amber as well, like it went into hibernate mode. then it started doing it very quickly after powering on. now it will not stay on long enough to even finish booting!!
i also found out the cd-rom was bad, i replaced it and did a recovery to the machine because i thought it was a xp thing or virus or something, but after i got through it started doing it again! is maybe the hard drive going out? or maybe its a windows thing?? please help!! i have no idea! :4-dontkno

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Boot up in safe mode, right click on the desktop go to properties>screen saver>power options and make sure hibernate is disabled. I would also try turning off hibernate in the BIOS and see if that helps. If it doesn't then we know hibernate is not the issue.
no dice

thanks for the quick replay, already tried that, made no difference. also when it "sleeps" i cannot do anything to "wake it back up". all i can do is power down and reboot. i can't even boot in safe mode, the thing just craps out on me.......

do you think its a software thing or hardware thing?

i am fully computer literate and not just a casual user, but this one is stumping me!!! any help would be great.


i am fully computer literate and not just a casual user
so i guess you went to power options in your control panel and selected "never" to everything?

run some scans...housecall and ewido ect.

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I Can't!

it won't "stay on" long enuf for me to do anything!! it fails to go into safe mode, it makes it sometimes (normal boot), to the piont where widows is open and starting up the start ups and services and then goes back to "sleep".

****i use the words sleep and hibernate only because its what it appears to be doing, i disabled hibernate a long time ago and set everything in the power section to off along time ago and it still did it!***********

i only said i was "computer literate" so you can get down and dirty if you need and you won't lose me.

After i replaced the cd-rom, it stayed on long enuf for me to restore, reboot and it started doing it again. i guess the only reason i thought it was windows in the first place is beacause if i go into bios it will stay on as long as i want, however when i boot into windows it does the sleep thing....

is this maybe a hardware thing?
when your are in bios does it write to the hard drive?
could my harddrive be going bad?
like when it tries to write to it and it get confussed and it just essentially shuts down?
could my power supply be on the brink? like when i write to the hard drive it uses more voltage or amps and overloads the ps and causes it to go it to some type of limp mode??

am i posting in the wrong section?
I'm sorry i am new to this forum.

Thanks for the help!
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give us your computer specs including the age and model of your power supply.

unplug the computer then take out the battery for 1/2 hour.

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