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Hi all, compliments of the season to you all,

not certain if this could be hardware or Win.Xp related issue, I have a HP Pavilion 534a desktop, running 2 x 512mb 2100 ram modules - P4 2.4ghz
OS: Win XP Home Edition

Problem: PC continuously goes into hibernate mode (fans shut down), while booting up. In most cases, it won't go past the login/welcome screen and then suspends

I have checked all power management/power schemes options under control panel (on the few occasions that it doesn't suspend at login screen)
Checked all BIOS settings and even set back to it's original factory settings and still no joy, tried booting into safe mode and performing system restore but this to goes into hibernate mode.
Changed PSU, same problem? Any ideas what else I could possibly check on this system.

Best Regards,

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Have you tried holding down your f8 key and selecting: "Last Good

If you can get into windows, run your AV in safemode + Spybot, Ad-Aware SE.

If you can get on line, run:-

Have you run a check on the drive? If not, Go to My Computer, right click Local Drive> Properties>Tools

Try starting with just one stick of RAM, then the other on its own.

Pull off any non-essential hardware - PCI additions, extra drives, etc.

If you can't get into windows at all, I would try a Repair Install of Windows, i.e. by booting from your XP disc:-

If problems occur with a Repair Install of XP, I would suggest testing the drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic software - free to download from their site.
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