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Hi ya'll

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Bin lookin - great community here. like everyone else, I stumbled in here with a "dafoogledee" and am very impressed, fairly familiar w/ Win 98 and just now trying to git proficient in Linux, so will drop by from time to time, usually somewhere bout snack time, err, when are snacks served round here.?
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Hey freykatt,

Welcome to TSF. No fair, you can't come only when snacks are served, you need to come all the time. Oh well, ask the next person who posts in this thread when the snacks are served, because I just ate all of the ones I had. I am sure the next person will tell you. I actually think Glaswegian is in charge of snacks on the forum.:4-dontkno
Hi, Welcome to the TSF. Glad you could join us. :smile:

Snacks...hmmmmm. Whats on the menu??
Hi and welcome to the TSF family - glad to have you on board. :smile:

I'm only in charge of chocolate I'm afraid - I think sinclair_tm, our greedy Mac guru finished all the snacks.:laugh:
Hello and Welcome to TSF :wave:

..snacks, darn I missed them again :rolleyes:
Hi freykatt, welcome to TSF
Welcome to Tech Support Forum, hope you enjoy it here
Hello, freykatt, and welcome to the TSF family!

Anyone looking for these?
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