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Hi! I'm Lucius_Crassus, how are you?

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Hello fellow Earthlings!
I'm a student currently attanding high school with w00t :woot: [I am t3h w00t and I approve this message :woot:] I really don't need his approval but he felt like putting it there....
Any way i've gone through A+ cert. classes so i'm very fimiliar with nearly all hardware/software problems. I'm currently attending CCNA classes to help out with all your networking problems! :) I think that's bout all there is to say bout me for now. Hope to meet you all soon! Have a great day!

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Yes this is my freind Robert, He is cool.
If you say so w00t :rolleyes:

:grin: :grin:

Welcome to the forums Robert.
Welcome, glad to have you aboard.. :grin: :grin:
oh great, w00t is multiplying. Hide the supply of chex mix and cream soda.

j/k. Glad to have you aboard.
not the chex mix and cream soda :laugh: :laugh:
no the chex mix cream soda is safe. But our great leader Takemoto left us for another school so now the chex mix and cream soda is for us to buy...... :( any way i'm going to go to skills USA and i'm going to take 1st over his butt for leaving us like this! and w00t can have 3rd :) and our state officer (if he can play) can have 2nd. :)
3rd, whattttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P4wn4g3 f3r y3r s0uL.

:Who got the lowest score twice in a row in ccna. hmmm 14/50 35/50 oh wait john got a 34/50 on the second test still your score was the second lowest for the second, but you got own3d on the first test.

I got a 32/50 and a 44/50 for the two tests. oooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn3333333dddddddddddddd
Oky-doky then...... what is this skills USA?
Skills USA is a competition for schools that have a class called CCNA which is a cisco certification. Nick, Micheal, and me want to go and take the top 3 slots cuz our tech teacher left us so we are going to beat his butt down! :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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