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Hi all

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I am 51 computer daft, it started 3 years ago. I am a widow with 4 kids 3 at home. They accuse me of ignoring them but I do not. my free time is computer time. I care for my mother in law and do voluntary work of different types. I was used to windows 98 but changed to xp recently and have had lots of bother, sorry to say cant get much help from the help line at all. They think I should be happy with what I can do but I do keep going till I get an answer so I hope you will put up with me.
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Welcome to the board, eveyone puts up with me so chances are your safe. :)
Wow. Seems like you keep busy. Welcome.
Welcome.. and don't worry about TechIsIn.. It's DaMrak you have to learn how to put up with. :rolleyes:

Welcome to TSF a place that is about 1/2 a bubble off plum.

Great people with a lot of knowledge that their happy to share.

At last a young widow type lady.

:ufo: :ufo: :ufo:


BTW, TTII you mean we have a choice, quick someone call a board meeting!!!! :D :D :D
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Welcome to the TSF! :wave:

We hope you'll stay and enjoy the good times.
Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay and remember the emergency exit is in the upper right corner and marked with a X
Uh! A little late but I welcome you too...................:D
Welcome crsw! We might sound crazy but we're not!
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