After the infamous map fiasco from Apple, GPS map navigation via mobile devices has been put under a lot of scrutiny. But luckily Apple users might have a solution for their mapping woes. Nokia has announced their own addition to the mapping apps in the form of 'Here'.

This new map app available to iPhone and Android users as an App, features a well polished interface, quick response times, and includes the subway and walking directions that Apple's own map application struggled with. Although not as accurate as Google Maps but it does bode to be a well rounded navigation system.

Nokia acquired Nevteq, a company already established in mapping and navigational data gathering, in 2007, so they are not new to the map apps world. Nokia users will have added features to the built-in app, such as City Lens (which allows you to detect nearby establishments according to your location).

All in all, 'Here' is a well-rounded, fresh interface, with fast response times, and an excellent informative value.