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I've got a problem with my new configuration.

system components:
ASUS P4C800 Deluxe, Bios updatet to 1011
Intel P4 3.0 GHz 800MHz FSB
2x512 MB DDR PC3200 (Samsung)
Hercules 3d Prophet 9700 Pro (Radeon 9700 Pro)
1x60GB IBM Deskstar + 1x 120GB WD HDD
1xSamsung DVD-ROM
powered by an enermax 450W

17" CRT on VGA connector
19" Samsung TFT on DVI

Sometimes when i power on my maschine it comes up fine without any warnings/errors. Other times the Displays stay in Powersave mode and POST reports a VGA failure via speech message. I can come around that by disconnecting the TFT, booting up, shutting down and booting again with TFT connected.

The same graphics board and Displays worked very fine on my old system (P4 1600 on ASUS P4T with 512 MB RAM).

Any idea what i could do to solve this?

Best regards
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