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Help! I think I have a virus. if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. this is what my computer does:

When i turn on the computer, it starts up, loads windows, and after a minute or so, it freezes. CTRL+ALT+DELETE doesn't work, I have to shut the computer off manually.

So i start it up again, and after a few minutes, again, it freezes. So I shut it off manually again.

Then I start it up again, and it is in the process of loading windows, and it gets stuck again. So I shut if off manually again.

Eventually, after shutting it off manually about 5 or 6 times, it stays on for a while. Once it stays on, I can keep it on for days without it freezing, but the second i shut it off and then turn it back on , it starts freezing again.

Also, about the same time that this started happening, the CD-ROM drive is stuck, there was no CD in it. I can NOT get it open. I have no little hole in front of the drive, so I can't stick a pin in it and open it. I have tried opening the back of the computer but I cant get to the drive. I have tried pulling it open its jammed. I dont know if this virus is writing to the drive telling it not to open.

All of this has been happening for a few weeks now and I'm DYING to get rid of it. Can anyong help? THANK YOU!
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You might try booting up in safe mode by holding F8 during the boot process. From there, right click on My Computer, click the tab for device manager, and look for something unusual.

The CD-Rom drive could very well be the source of your problem if it is damaged. Consider taking it out and having it repaired/replaced.
A free online virus scanner can be found at you can try running that to see if it picks up a virus.
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