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My keyboard is typing with numbers when it is not supposed to, they have little blue numbers under the actual letters and it seems to be stuck on them and i cant find out how to fix it and now i have to 4se a on screen keyboard. what do i do? and all i know is that this computer is a Eee PC by acer. please help!!! :sad:
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Hi and welcome to TSF have you checked that num lock is not on
Yes it still will not work ):
You probably have pressed the function key along with the num key which causes your keys to change role (from letters to a number pad). Try pressing the Function key and the num key to get rid of this.
what one is the function key?
Which operating system are you using it is not eepc go to control panel system it should tell you there
it is eeepc its pink there is a picture of it on google
No that is the name of the maker of your netbook the operating system is either windows xp,vista or win 7
on the bottom it says ASUS Eee 1005HAB the control pannel says nothing.
Ok you need to follow the directions go to start then control panel then system in system you will find what is on your system including the operating system,ram etc
ok the processer is Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz 1.60GHz
I dont know how to use that, the bottom says microsoft 2005
Ok if your not willing to try that then all I can do is give you the list of keyboard shortcuts to look through Keyboard shortcuts for Windows perhaps you will find what you need there
i am willing i dont know where to press start for it or any of that stuff or i would ):
Hi ok in the bottom left side of your screen is either a little button that has a windows logo or a orb with the logo or it says start and the logo,when you click on that you get a list at the bottom is a thin box with either run or search see if you can find that
okay i know where that is and i found the search bar
Ok well done I did not know the level of computer literacy you where at new remember I asked you about control panel and going there then going to system can yo click on control panel then system you should see something like this


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