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Hello everyone! i didn't no where to come, i was going to ring up about this but call rates are a joke for tech support these days...anyways to the problem in hand, i got home today and went to turn my computer on only to find when it had loaded up that the resolution was changed to 600x800, so i thought nothing of it and tryed getting into the catalyst control center, but it wouldn't let me, it loaded for a few seconds and then i restarted my computer to see if it would let me but still nothing it just wouldn't let me change back to my normal resolution which is 1440x900. I've searched all over but i can't seem to find anyone who has had this problem...

So i thought maybe its the drivers? i tryed installing the latest drivers but it said that it couldn't because "The display is not compatible with the display adapters installed in your system." So i cleaned off all the drivers i had on my system and tryed reinstalling the latests drivers to no avail...So i went on to the Dxdiag, only to find that it says theres no graphics card in my PC??? I have absolutely no idea what to do...i would reinstall my graphics buy i have lost the installation CD ffs...

My graphics card is X1650 pro agp, and i'm using Windows Home edition....Help would be much appreciated! hope to any help soon..
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do you have a on board video chip on the m/b if you do

reseat the card


boot from the onboard
in the device manager disable the onboard
if the card is listed uninstall it
turn the computer off
install the card
change the video cable from the onboard to the card
reboot into the bios
check to see if you can disable the onboard in there and set it to detect agp or pcie first
save and exit the bios tapping f8 and choose vga mode
when windows finishes booting
disable a/virus
install your drivers for the card
reboot the computer

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them
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Thanks for the reply dai,
Graphics card: X1650 pro agp
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (2.93ghz)
Ram: 1536 MBytes
Power Supple: 400w PowerX
Core Voltage: 1.392 V
Brand for what? my BIOS brand is Phoenix Technologies, LTD
It's been fine though for the past year....
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