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Help With Win Start-up Please!

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Well here's the problem, last night I was trying to tweak my dsl internet connection with
a DSL Tweaks website guide.(nothing I haven't done before) so I went to restart my computer
so the settings would go into effect. The website said the program I was using wasn't installed
into my computer but it changes the registry around. So my computer booted as it normally does until
it came to the logg-in screen, my Username was already in there so I went to type in my Password and it was
as if my keyboard/mouse froze up and I was unable to type anything, or move my mouse pointer around. I turned off
my PC and started it back up again, and I saw that when I got to my boot screen my mouse still works and the pointer
moves around, but as soon as I hit a button on the keyboard they both stop working... When the comp. boots up I can get into
my set-up menu by hitting F1 and do some type of restore by hitting F10, so I entered the setup menu and set everything there to
default and hit save changes and the same thing kept happening. I can't enter Safe Mode, because it still wont let me get through the
I have a HP Pavilion, with Win Xp
2.6GHz P.4 processor

If anyone could give any suggestions on what I could do, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.
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I don't really know if this would work, but you might try repairing windows with the Windows disk.

That is all I can think of, hope it helps.

yup...not sure, too, but repairing the Windows installation sounds logical

or try booting into the Recovery Console and doing CHKDSK C: /p /r

Good luck ;)
Hi and welcome to TSF

Can you get the 'Last Good Configuration' option up on the f8 key?;en-us;307852&sd=tech

I dont think i still have the cds for windows, and i've tried doing the last good configuration, and it still gives me the logg-in screen, whitch I cant get by...
If it matter any, I was using Dr.TCP to tweak my connection by a guide on that site, it changes stuff in the registry, and thats the last thing i did before this happened.
Is your keyboard USB or PS2? When the keyboards here stop responding I first try hotplugging them.
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