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Help with this strange trojan

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Hello, I really in need of assistance on this trojan that I have.

It doesn't seem to be doing anything harmful, but it keeps popping up every now and then and it's calling itself DelUS.bat and its under the name Bat/klw23 in McAfee's virus definitions glossary. On the site it has a very low risk assessment and it's classified as a scripting trojan.

I may know how it got on my system. I think it was detected by McAfee when I installed a new external hard drive I got from Western Digital. I was unfamiliar with the program and I wanted to see how it worked so I tried writing something to it and the DelUS.bat a.k.a (Bat/klw23) trojan pops up. It was really strange.

McAfee claimed it cleaned it and I rescanned and it didn't show up after that, however I wiped my system a couple months later with my recovery disc for maintanence reasons and after uninstalling all the packaged software I opened "My Computer" and I noticed a DelUS.bat file in the "C:\" drive. What was really odd was the fact that it disappeared "by itself" in less then a second!

Now I have this this show up in my McAfee virus detection window thats the same damn trojan (Bat/klw23) is detected and cleaned again, and the window states that it's in "C:\ System Volume Info\_restore{1D1D6F93-1B0C-4060-8D79-0927-4A81802A}\RP16"

Personally, I don't know what the hell kind of Trojan would show itself and the disappear right in front of my eyes and keeps getting detected and cleaned by McAfee, but keeps returning afterwards. It doesn't make sense, and I really need some help.
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Have a read of this:

And then post here:

One of the security analysts will assist you soon.

The file that seems to be a trojan is obviously saved in your system restore and thats why its being picked up.
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