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Help with temporary internet files please!

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Hi there, I'm kinda new here, but I have a question about Internet Explorer and a problem I am having with it. I have had this problem for a long time now. It seems that whenever I shut down or reboot my computer, all my temporary internet files delete. This has been getting very annoying for me, especially since I use dial-up. Does anyone know why this is happening, and anyway to fix it? Oh, and it happens when I shut down/reboot NOT when I close the browser.

I am using Win XP and IE6, and any help is appreciated! Thanks. :smile:
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Welp, IE won't do this on its own.

Where are you looking for these files and what is annoying about them being deleted anyway? Sure there's not another application doing this?
Not that I know of, but I am not the only one who uses this computer. But my other family members are computer newbs, I don't think they would remember or even know if they downloaded any kind of app that would do that.

Do you know of any apps that could cause a problem like this?
IE MIGHT be responsible after all, but you have to check.

Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab

About 3/4 way down there is a check box for "Empty Temp Internet Files when browser is closed"

If it's checked, uncheck it. Someone would have to have done this specifically for it to be checked though.
Nope. I already stated in my first post that it didnt have anything to do with closing the browser, I can close the browser and re-open and it is still fine. It only happens when I reboot/shut down the computer. Are you sure there are no settings that could affect this? Thanks for the help!
Check your startup items (MSCONFIG) to see if there are any unwanted programs starting up on reboot. It's possible you could have a virus so you may want to run a scan.
Hmm, I loaded that up, but nothing has worked yet so far. There are some programs I don't know of, and I am scared to close them because I'm not sure if they are needed for Windows to run. I will just list the programs that I am not sure of, and please tell me if you know of any that are alright to turn off:

opnsite (Open Site)
NeroCheck (Well actually I think I know what this is)
wupdt (I think I know what this is)

All help is appreciated! :)
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I have just the site for you.

Type in your process name and it will tell you if it is a normal process or a malicious one. If it can't find the process then it probably isn't something that needs to be running, and by the looks of things, it does look like you need to run a virus scan and probably a spyware scan.
Long shot but go to Tools/Internet options, and down near the bottom there is a box for number of days to keep in history if this is set at Zero this action will happen when you reboot.
An even longer shot :wink: ... Go to Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Temp Internet Files > Settings button, and make sure the 'amount of disk space to use' isn't set to 0 and the folder location is valid.
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