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Help with System Restore please (Sent here from Hijack This section)

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I have been getting help from 'Ried' on here in the HiJackThis section, but he has no answers and has told me to post in here for help.

Basically, whenever I try to open system restore, an error box comes up saying that system restore cannot protect my computer and that i should restat and try again.

Here's the link to the thread;

Thanks for your help guys,
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try opening system restore in safemode. do you have xp cd's?
Have you looked at System Restore in My Computer-Properties-System Restore Tab? Perhaps it was turned off? I will get a similar message when doing a Restore Point for my other partitions that I don't bother backing up. I turned it off for those drives.

If the System Restore Tab is not there, then these registry files might help get it back.

#278 Restore/Enable System Restore - Undo

#289 (right) Restore System Restore Service

Just download the files to your desktop and click to merge into your registry. Make a backup of your registry before using them, just in case.
In the interest of saving everyone some time, below is a synopsis of steps that have already been taken in the HijackThis thread James linked you to.

1. With SP2, received this message when trying to access System Restore - 'system restore cannot protect your computer'

2. Updated to SP3 and message still remains.

3. Removed malware remnants--nothing active showing in any of the reports.

4. Post #8 - Please note that the System Restore Svc (srservice) is not even listed as being on the system.

5. Post #9 - Tried reinstalling System Restore:
let's try reinstalling System Restore.

Click Start>Run and copy/paste the following into the Run box and click OK:

rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\Windows\Inf\sr.inf

If the 'Files Needed' dialog box appears, click Browse and point to the i386 folder on the Windows XP CD or to the i386 folder on the hard drive, if it exists.

For systems updated with the Service Pack 2 or 3 CD, or downloaded from Microsoft, browse to the C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386 folder.

The retail version of Windows XP (SP2) also contains the latest version of the files needed.

Reboot and try System Restore.
6. That apparently hasn't worked either as he still receives the same message.
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Any help on this please? I am still having the same problem after endless updates/scans etc!

My computer seems to run ok most of the time, every now and then it slows down, but not too badly.

The worrying thing is that I can't restore my computer if anything goes wrong.


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