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Help With Ram

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I seem to have a little difficulty with adding ram into my system. I was running with 64mb and only 56 was recognised , so I finally gave up and got 2 256mb chips all went well so far it cycles through all 512mb on the memory test and windows knows that it is there in the system performance. Programs on my system are opening up so much faster but they seem to take a big bite out of my resorces. for example I open up music match and the system performance drops from 94% to 69%. Obviously something isn't right cause if it is using up that much ram on my system then I never would have been able to run it on 64 mb .

so really 2 questions

1. memory use, why or how to fix
2. memory check at the beginning , any way to disable cause it is annoying

Thanks and HELP

Things I left out : win 98, IBM aptiva 2193-32u, any other questions or any other relevent info I left out just ask and Ill get back ASAP
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System performance dosen't reflect just ram. Some applications will cause your performance percentage to drop depending on what your running. A screensaver for example can do the same thing. Try running an application as simple as a download and let a screensaver pop up and see what happens. It kills your system performance. I personally wouldn't worry about something that simple, when your performance drops like that the application running just requires more resources than other programs. The affect on RAM should not be that bad.

Hope that helped alittle.
What else would effect the system performance

I only have one application open and it is almost cuting my system resorces in half

2 days ago i was running the same program on the same system with 64mb of ram
Well like I said RAM has no direct effect on the performance in reguards to the resources as your describing them. As I feel sure you know RAM stores data until you shutdown the system but your looking in the wrong direction. Is your system slowing down dramaticly or is it lacking in performance? The precentage is only a figure and if the system is preforming better and faster I wouldn't be to concerned with the numbers. I hope what I'm saying is helping you and not confusing you. But from what I'm reading you improved your system but your not happy when it's performance precent is not at what your willing to accept.
your advice is greatly appreciated

I put 10x more ram into the system and I don't think it is working 10x better

I thought that with going from 64mb - 512mb it would be like tortise and the hare

Not really concerned just wondering
I wish you luck I only wish there was something else I could tell you. These computers really have a mind of there on and sometimes they just drive you crazy with things that don't make much sense. Sorry I couldn't offer more advice.

just wanted to say thanks

you have helped me a lot more than IBM

Thanks again
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