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help with new pc config

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i am going to get a new pc tomorrow... the config is as follows

intel quad core 2.33GHz
intel DG41RQ motherboard
500GB SATA Hard Disk
Palit Nvidia Geforce 9600 1 GB

i was planning to install xp sp3 32 bit.. but i read tat 4gb of ram cannot be used in 32 bit OS.. now do i go for 3GB of RAM instead and install xp sp3 or do i install a 64 bit OS (XP x64 or Vista x64)... can i install a 64bit OS with this configuration??? i will use it for gaming so does xp 32 bit with 3 GB RAM stand up better or vista 64 bit wit 4 GB RAM?? pls help...
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Try and download Win7 64 bit from Microsoft , its free and good for about ten months. Make sure you get the 64 bit totally superior to the 32 bit.
You will need a blank DVD . Also download FreeISOburner.
I cannot say about games on 64 bit , I never play games, sorry.
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