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My apologies if this isnt where i was supposed to post this. I am pretty computer illiterate;
The game in question is "Death Note: Bound Prince" (original title: 緊縛王子 ) its an erotic death note fan game (lol.) from like 2005 that i mostly want to save for archiving purposes and im interested in trying to fan translate it; I downloaded it from HERE: (x)
I had to change the game name and folder name to english for it to run. (as described on the livejournal) However the text in the game only showed up as "........."
(im not showing the uncropped game imagery for obvious reasons)
Upon inspecting the game files (They were DAT files), all the game files looked like This:

I tried fixing mojibake on online converting websites but to no avail. This game was intended for japanese viewing only im pretty sure. So i downloaded a Locale emulator from HERE: (x)
When I ran the game application through this, the japanese text worked just fine and i could play the game as intented.
So i guess my question is: is it possible to fix the file text so i can edit the game dialogue? If the emulator can fix the Files to make it run, there should be a way for me to get access to to the corrected game files right?
Im not adding the whole game files to this post (but if you actually want to i put the download link, or you can ask me too) because i dont even know if this is possible to fix and i doubt anyone will be interested in this in the first place. regardless, thanks to anyone who spared their time reading this lol
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